“Distractions have never prevented a Writing Writer Who Writes from writing; distractions are an excuse proffered by Non-Writing Non-Writers Who are Not-Writing for why they are not writing.” – Merlin Mann

I think that regardless of how much time you have available to write, that time spent requires absolute focus and no distractions. One of the main challenges for any writer, well any person really, is social media – be it Facebook, Instagram or whatever your poison of choice is, then there is lure of the Internet, the pull of favourite distractions, and let’s not forget the alluring call of the couch. But all that fun comes at a hefty cost… your writing. For me the choice came easily, did I want the distractions, or did I want to write? I chose to write. I do my research during the day. Check all my social media while cooking dinner. Then when it is time to write it all gets left one side and writing takes over.

Unfortunately life will always have its own designs and some disruptions cannot be escaped. Despite my determination to focus on my writing I found that I could only write for about an hour at a time before I was forced to stop, eyes aching and head throbbing. For weeks this has continued. In the back of my mind I had the niggling thought that maybe I need to get my eyes checked but as I have always had perfect eyesight, although grandparents, parents and sibling all wear glasses, I pushed the idea one side. This week I came to the realisation that I suffer with the same symptoms while at work but let’s just say I was a little slow to put two and two together as who wouldn’t get a headache working with politicians! One eye test later it turns out that I do in fact need glasses. Feeling proud of myself – eliminated the “distraction” and did not procrastinate over it either!

Bring on the glasses, returned focus and increased creative productivity!

“Say NO to distractions so you can say YES to your destiny!” – Thema Davis


4 thoughts on “Be about actions, not distractions

    1. Thanks for reading. When it comes to the marketing side of writing, social media is excellent 😊 And also the writer’s network is fantastic. I have loved connecting with different writers – inspiring and have learnt so much. It is just for those couple of hours that I spend actually writing that I like to disconnect from it all.

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  1. I feel your pain. As a person whom is prone to migraines, I can’t afford to go all out with my writing sessions, lest my head be wracked with pain for the rest of the day. It’s a hell of all struggle, and social media doesn’t help either.


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