“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already.” ― (J.K. Rowling)

So January is definitely the trial month for 2018. It started with a big bang, lights and excitement and I blinked and half the month is gone. Resolutions are a thing of the past for me. I have replaced them with goals. Had goals last year as well… 2017 was the trial year of goals. LOL! It went ok. Well ok-ish. Didn’t accomplish nearly as much as I wanted to but I can say that thanks to 2017 I have entered this year with a lot more direction in my life.

Firstly, my reading goals for 2018… Last year I read about 20 books more than I had in the previous year. This made me happy. Reading makes me happy. My goal for this year is to read 36 books or more. I know it is not a lot in terms of some peoples reading goals but it works for me.

Next, my writing goals… Last year I did something for myself that my future self will thank me for. And believe me, I am currently thanking myself. (I will be doing a full post on this experience next). I am now certain that I am in fact a planner and not a pantster as I originally thought I was. My current WIP has taken on a life of its own and is guiding me on an amazing journey of creation. Although I am not exactly where I want to be, as the last 6 weeks was one long writing free fantastic family filled festive season, I know that with hard work and dedication I can get to where I want to be. My first goal is to have my first draft of my current WIP completed by the end of March. And from there… work work work to get it finished. And then? Who knows? But most importantly, I want to enjoy the process of getting to where I want to be and finishing this project.

And in between the reading and writing I will be living life – doing all those lovely things that make life the blessing that it is. Good luck to all my fellow writers out there. May this be our year!

“I am thankful for all of those who said, “No” to me. It’s because of them I’m doing it myself.”– Albert Einstein


One thought on “Well hello 2018…

  1. Great post! I’m excited to hear what past-you did. Oh, and I also set up goals for myself this year, but boy oh boy is it getting tough to find reading time. All the best with your goals this year!

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