“Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over.” – F Scott Fitzgerald

Sometimes all we need is a fresh start. Yesterday was a turning point in my journey, admitting to myself that my writing which I have not looked at or worked on in years may no longer hold relevance in who I am today. I sat with the manuscript on my desk, looking at it, procrastinating once again, when it hit me… What the fuck am I doing? It was a life time ago that I wrote this. It was a different time. A different place. And I was a different person. So much has changed between then and now.

I picked up my notebook with a sense of excitement. I thought it may be a challenge to decide which of my ideas I was going to go with but it was like it chose itself, the right story at the right time.

So as my kiddies slept soundly, good night messages sent to all the relevant people and my cell phone turned to silent, I finally did it and put pen to paper and when I was done for the night? The layout for my new project sat before me. It felt like a dream – losing myself in the process of creation. Already having the idea for where I want the story to go, I brainstormed everything about my characters, from appearance to goals and motivations. Important relationships were established. Homes were built and living conditions determined. Strengths, habits and mannerisms were instilled. Any element that may hold bearing at some point in my story were jotted down. My excitement grew as the base for my story grew.

Tonight? Tonight I will start writing. My goals are set. As I have read so many times, if you want to be a writer then WRITE!

And although I know I should have finished what I started, I could not let the past hold me back. This journey deserves something fresh, something that will move me forward. So today, despite the lack of sleep, I feel energised.

And the score? Jill 2 – Procrastination 0!!


2 thoughts on “Mission : Not Impossible

  1. You’ve got a great amount of motivation going for you. Just let that motivation roll! Keep up the writing, and keep letting us know how things are. If characters are set, you may want to consider plotting. I like outlining my plots so I know what’s happening. It also helps me drive a story forward. Whatever you do, just keep moving!

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    1. Thanks very much for the advice. I spent tonight doing a chapter by chapter layout and made many notes on how I would like certain scenes to playout. Not complete yet but happy with what I have done so far. I am loving the process of planning this way. Also wrote the first couple of paragraphs for the prologue. Very rough draft but a start. As much as I find the planning an inspiration, I have found that being in contact with other writers, published like your self or merely aspiring like myself to be just as great an inspiration and motivation to continue. Thank you again. Your input in invaluable.

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